Membership structure

re:Kreators membership structure

Who are the re:Kreators and why should I join them?

Re:Kreators is a European membership association of like-minded individuals and organizations working in the field of cooperative area development. We are focusing on the exchange of practices and know-how of people behind the collaborative development of previously malfunctioning areas in European cities. What brought the re:Kreators together is the idea that the dynamics in European cities aren’t all that different. But the way these pioneers develop strategies adapted to the local context illuminates important assets and competences. By peer-to-peer learning on an international scale, the members strengthen their local projects and articulate a common perspective on the European Urban Agenda. The network will be expanded in the re:Kreators Association of which all re:Kreators can become a member.

By joining the re:Kreators you will not only strengthen and support the association and it's goals, but you will be part of a european wide network of expertise and professionals in the field of cooperative area development. By joining forces we will be able to gain easier access to funding or investments and influence policy decisions on an international as well as national and regional level.

We organize ourselves in a democratic and participatory way. We are an association under dutch law, based in Amsterdam but active all over Europe. Would you like to join? Become a member! We have two different types of membership:



working under the re:Kreators principles and signing the manifesto

active contribution to the goals and strategies of the association

Membership fee:

  • NGOs, social enterprises and community organizations: 180€ p.a.
  • SME: 300€ p.a.
  • Individual Person: 60€
  • → possibility of lowering these fees in change for in-kind contribution


  • access to knowledge and expertise of the network
  • connection and exchange with similar initiatives from Europe
  • presentation on the communication channels of the association
  • participation on educational activities such as workshops, symposiums and
  • conferences from the re:Kreators association
  • adhere to joint lobbying of the shared manifesto
  • access to services: applications for funds and financing, legal representation,
  • infrastructure
  • acceleration for the own project through the network
  • member of the general assembly

Any individual, initiative or legal entity that works under the principle of re:Kreators and signs the manifesto can become a re:Kreators member. If the actions or professional background of a new perspective member are completely contradictory to the manifesto of the association the board can decline a request or preclude a member from the association.

Associated Members

Initiatives or persons who want to support the principles and the goals of the re:Kreators association but who can not contribute actively to the work of the association can become associated members.


sign the manifesto & support the re:Kreators goals

membership fee:

  • NGOs, social enterprises and community organizations: 60€ p.a.
  • SME: 100€ p.a.
  • Individual Person: 20€
  • → possibility of lowering these fees in change for in-kind contribution

Benefits :

  • connecting/network with similar likeminded initiatives in Europe
  • presentation on the communication channels of the association
  • member of the general assembly

Supporting Partners

Anyone who wishes to associate with or support the re:Kreators network and manifesto can become a Cooperation Partner. Those can be (not exclusively):

  • Educational, research and knowledge institutions
  • Sustainable and social companies
  • social (impact) investors and funds
  • Governments (local, regional, national and international)
  • Individuals and givers


  • individually tailored
  • → In exchange: infrastructure, network and expertise of the association


  • international appearance and connection
  • access to knowledge network
  • joint activities with the network and association

Organs of the association

1. General assembly

  • Consists of all members of the association.
  • Meeting is held 1 x annually


  • elects and releases board of directors
  • receives and approves financial report of the board of directors
  • exonerate the board for its financial administration
  • approves new plans and projects
  • decides over statutory changes and changes of the manifesto by 3/4 majority

2. Board of directors

  • The board holds at least: a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer
  • They serve for two years and come from the core members
  • And are chosen by [qualified majority of members] during the General Assembly


  • Strategy and communication
  • Welcomes new members
  • Preparation and realization of general assembly
  • Financial planning & Accountancy
  • Coordination of activities

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