We, the members of re:Kreators community, are people and initiatives who want to enable sustainable, social and participative urban area development following fair principles.

We believe in a way of living in the city that is inspiring, affordable and just. We create thoughtful, fun, meaningful and inclusive places that lift the spirits. We create ruptures and alternatives in people’s imagination about how a city could be, through space and collective ownership models.


We create value: increase of mental, physical and emotional usability of quality urban space.

We use existing resources, energy and qualities. We look for true, permanent change and commitment. We are open source. We share our knowledge to inspire others.


We see urban development in the interest of the people who live there and work in community-based, participative and inclusive ways.

Diverse groups feel at home in and feel ownership over our places – mentally, emotionally and in the say they have in the future of the area.

Objectives of the re:Kreators Association

To connect

To create a European platform to connect, inspire and multiply re:Kreators around European cities. To improve the established re:Kreator projects. To develop sustainable structures among the partners of the network, and share them, open source, to help new projects come about through shared thinking. To make re:Kreators’ know-how and experience accessible to others.

To strengthen

To make re:Kreators’ position throughout Europe stronger, among others by driving interest in the values (social, cultural, environmental, economical) of re:Kreators initiatives. To make these values more tangible and visible in order to improve understanding and working relations between initiatives and institutions.

To act

To create a continuous dialogue between stakeholders of urban development and decision makers. To influence the urban agenda of governments locally, nationally and on the EU-level. To improve understanding and working relations between initiatives and institutions. To match with possible investors. To create a permanent network of city makers.